Welcome to Web Design

This is official course website for this class, Bridges will not be used. Assignments, updates, tutorials, etc. will be disseminated through this website. Your fist design project can be found here.

Throughout the course of the semester we will be focusing on the aesthetic components of designing visual prototypes as well as the technical components of building web pages with HTML & CSS.

But Wix! you say, or Squarespace!? Doesn’t everyone use WordPress! Yes, yes & yes. Truthfully no one still creates websites with Static HTML pages, writing the HTML code by hand. The vast majority of modern websites have content management systems ( CMS ) that write the actual HTML, allowing users to work with a graphic user interface ( GUI ) to publish content. However working hands on with HTML will give you a far greater understanding of how websites work, and what those content management systems are doing under the hood.

To that end, you’re going to be authoring HTML and creating websites the old fashioned way, by hand coding.

To get things started you’re going to need a text editor, which is a program designed for writing computer code. There are many great options for text editors, for this course we are going to use Brackets which is a great free / open source text editor designed by Adobe.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Brackets, there are a few plugins you will want to install. Click on the icon that looks like a lego.

Search for Emmet, w3c validation, Brackets New Html5 document, and then add the theme Monokai Dark Soda.

Once you have installed Emmet & the w3c Validator go to the Themes tab and search for Monokai Dark Soda. Once its installed you can activate it in the View>Themes… drop down.

You are now set up and ready to write some code 👍🏼


Next Download this HTML starter template, that I’ve posted to git hub. We will use these exercise files as a starting point in class. Once you have downloaded them, go to your user director on your computer, and create a new folder called “Sites” place the exercise files inside of there. If you’re working in the lab just put these exercise files in Thawspace.


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