Ok this is as good as it's going to get at this point, but I put up a pretty picture!

Ok now for the important stuff, you have until Friday the 13th (Yes, Friday the 13th not a joke) of May 2016 to complete and submit your final. This means it needs to be posted at the URL you set up through Godaddy. At some point during class today I would like you to come up to my computer and type that URL into the link on this page, which has your name assigned to it.

A few of you wanted to learn how to make a contact form work Click here to download a working example. keep in mind this will only work on a web sever. The file with the form also needs a .php extension so you will need to install MAMP to work with the files localy on your computer

You can try it out here it will send me an email.

● Prof K

You might need this too: HTML 5 Boilerplate