Design a portfolio / promotional site for a professional photographer. You may use any photographer of your choosing as long as they have a compelling body of work. The assignment will be completed using Adobe XD along with Illustrator and Photoshop as necessary.

Since for many of you this site will be your first foray into web design, we will be focusing primarily on creating visual mock ups and functioning prototypes in XD. You do not have to write any code for this assignment. I will also be providing a list of suggested “recommended photographers” for your consideration.

Design Considerations

Determine the goals and the audience of your site. Before your first thumbnail sketch, make a list of things the client would want to accomplish with the site ( I can help by acting as the client for this part ).  Then compare this with the needs of the target audience. Always prioritize the functionality of the site, make sure it’s going to respond well to both the clients goals and the user’s expectations.

Clearly define the content. Focus on the content and make it central to your site design. On the web, more so than in print, content is king.

Andreas Gursky

Step One:

With a pen / pencil & paper map out your site’s information architecture, how many pages will it need? ( there are no set requirements ) what information is important to the viewers? How will you organize and display the work? Once you have a clear direction, start organizing content and making wireframes.  This will help establish the structure of the site and show you how its navigation could work. 

Understanding how the site will be organized will dramatically affect the overall design. Properly organizing content can help you determine the amount of pages necessary to create the site, and help you form an organized and effective navigation system.

Step Two:

Comp up with three typeface and color treatment options, for review in class Feb 5th

Step Three:

Have a rough build out of all your pages for mobil & desktop layouts by Wednesday Feb 14th, be prepared to share your work in class and review it with your peers in small groups. Have your peers test out your navigation, and record feedback and reactions.

Step Four:

Incorporate feed back from your peers and your instructor, into your design. Finish and finalize your work for an in class critique on February 19th.

Final Due Date: Monday February 19th