Recommended Photographers

This is my list of recommended photographers.

All of the links bellow point to the google search results for each photographer, not their web sites. Keep in mind that google search results are not always an accurate representation of an artists work. For example, the photo featured above is often wrongly credited to Andreas Gursky. This photo was actually created by Edward Burtynsky.

All of these photographers are masters of their craft. Featuring their work in you designs will reflect well up you and give your work a sense of sophistication. However this is by no means a complete list, and you may choose any photographer you like. Make your final decision by next Tuesday the 28th.

Andreas Gursky

Adam Fuss

Albert Watson

Ami Vitale

Andrew Zuckerman

Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Art Wolfe

Chuck Close

David Doubilet

David Goldblatt

David LaChapelle

David Lynch

Duane Michals

Edward Burtynsky

Elliott Erwitt

Ernesto Bazan

Erwin Olaf

Fazal Sheikh

Fulvio Bonavia

Gregory Crewdson

Guido Mocafico

Howard Schatz

James Mollison

Jill Greenberg

Joel Meyerowitz

Joyce Tenneson

Jurgen Schadeberg

Lauren Greenfield

Loretta Lux

Mark Seliger

Mary Ellen Mark

Massimo Vitali

Michael Kenna

Michael Light

Mitch Epstein

Nadav Kander

Oliviero Toscani

Peggy Sirota

Phillip Toledano

Pieter Hugo


Ralph Gibson

Ron van Dongen

Stephen Shore

Steve Bloom

Steve Pyke

Tim Flach

Tim Walker

Victor Schrager


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