Working in groups you will visually design / prototype a boutique travel website in Adobe XD, then develop and publish your site with HTML


The class will be divided into groups. Each group will be responsible for building and launching a functioning website boutique travel website created with HTML &CSS. 

The sites goal will be to promote a fictitious boutique travel destination. The goal of this project is to create a functioning professional looking, four page minimum web site. The url of website is not important and you may use any url that a member of the group has registered for example

Each member of the group will be graded individually based on your overall contribution to the project. Therefore it is important that each of you keep track of  your work and what you have contributed to the project. In essence you need to log your hours, just like you would if you were working in a real design studio or for a client.

This class contains a diverse group of students from several different majors. Each student brings their own unique strengths and abilities to the group. There are many different roles to be fulfilled working in a design studio. One goal of this project is to allow each of you to focus the role you would play professionally working in a studio setting. However, you should be prepared to work outside of your comfort zone and you can choose to take an active part of any part of the project you feel challenged by.

Each group will have to designate the following roles:

Graphic Designer


Project Manager



GRAPHIC DESIGNER – A graphic designer is responsible for all visual aspects of the site and needs to work closely with the developer to make sure the visual design matches actual functionality capabilities. Also Graphic Designers needs to listen to feed-back and preform task given by the Project Manger / Account Executive.

PROJECT MANAGER – Responsible for keeping the group organized and on task. Also responsible for generating any written portions of the site such as descriptions and menus. Should be heavily involved in creating a marketing and branding strategy. Finally and most importantly the Project Manager / Account Executive needs to meet regularly with the Client (I will be playing the role of client). It is their job to record feedback, share it with the rest of the group, and designate it into individual tasks.

PROGRAMER – Will be responsible for building the site and getting it up online. Tasks include building the pages with HTML & Styling with CSS, uploading the site to the server, and testing the website to make sure it works. Needs to work closely with the designer to make sure everything follows the visual style created in XD.